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Cute girl smoking a bong

Cute girl smoking a bong

I love pussy. Sorry.
Willful Illusions

Isn’t it funny that when Africans were brought to the new world during the slave days they were taught by their masters about Jesus Christ and Christianity? That’s why North American black people believe in “white” Jesus. And how ironic is it that if Jesus actually existed, he’d technically have brown skin because he was born in Jerusalem, which is in the middle east.

So not only is Christianity not the true religion of Africans and African descendents, but the individuals who taught them the religion (white Europeans and subsequently Americans) fail to realize that Jesus was born in an area of the world that most Christians hate, the Middle East. And the icing on the cake: he has brown skin nigga! Irony at its best.


1) Jesus is brown (assuming he actually existed, which is very unlikely)

2) People are fucking morons

3) No religion is true

4) Culture is malleable and changes over the course of time so don’t take your too seriously

5) We’re all people

Gab’s big smiles <3

A picture of my beautiful girlfriend. Isn&#8217;t she pretty?

A picture of my beautiful girlfriend. Isn’t she pretty?

Endless Staircase

Endless Staircase

Drugs are awesome

I like my coffee like I like my men: with two sugars.

Gas is interesting. I pay to destroy the world.